Rhetorical Appeal

23 Apr

I think that I , personally, will play on a little of each rhetorical appeal. Pathos, Ethos, and Logos all seem to have their strength, an if I can come to a proper mix of all three, my argument will be all the stronger. I will choose songs and colors that will either strengthen my point by tugging on one of the appeals , or I will mix the music and colors so that more than one is being utilized to may my argument even mo0re prevalent. Doing this can be a very fragile and volatile process, because if it is done incorrectly my video will either portray the wrong thin at the wrong time or will just fall apart due to a lack of emotional and logical support.



23 Apr

Well first off procrastination, yet again, is a big issue for me, it is not the last week of the project, really, and I am just getting started on it. I dont think this portfolio will be very difficult, but I have been wrong before. What I do have so far I think will work well. I will start with images of suicide and death in order to make my viewer think if they would help other people kill themselves, of course people wouldn’t, so then I am able to ask the rhetorical question “why are you killing yourself then?”  The point being is that do nut  really worth it, is avoiding 30 minutes of exercise really work cutting years off of your life? This really will make my viewers think, and afterwards I can hit them with statistics to prove that exercise will prevent heart disease and potentially reverse. In order to continue to grow throughout my academic life, as far as academic writing is concerned, I think that my college life will help me grow because I am not done with academic writing by a long shot. I also think that being involved in an academic journal or some semi-professional type of writing will help me grow as well.

Presentations in Class

16 Apr

The presentation we viewed in class this weeks from Anna was a real treat. I was able to observe a true example of what a great video from one of my peers looks like. I was amazed at how far she has gone through her project already. I am strongly thinking of utilizing humor a bit more in mine to accomplish my goal. I now can grasp exactly what I need to do to make an excellent video. It really helped to have to grade her video and critique it a little bit. This allowed me to see potentially what I would have to do to take an outside perspective about my own video to ensure that it is done properly. Your feedback was also useful, you gave us you point of view and that was a great assistance.

My audience #2

11 Apr

This video, to me is a good way to construct a video using the contrast and comparison between the most common ways to die today and heart disease. This video really show  how everyone is effect by heart disease. I would really like to use this format in a way to present more statistical information. This is what I really would like to accomplish with my video. The beginning of the video using 911, as an example to show that 911 number of deaths occur everyday only that we are dying  of heart disease not terrorists. This really caught my attention and I really believe everyone that has watched the video so far. It, to me was really a great video.

My audience

11 Apr

This video is the only one that deals with my subject that I could find that wast professionally made. Most videos dealing with heart disease are endorsed by the American Heart association or other related organisations. This video speaks to everyone in a professional and informative manner, describing exactly what heart disease is and  possible procedure that are done to reverse or slow possible coronary heart disease incidents. This video is far from being as in depth as I want mine to be. The author present his video with clear and well rehearsed verbal dictation. There are plenty of facts throughout the video, but not enough written on the screen to emphasize his point a little more. He does an overall satisfactory job at presenting his video and it is very informative.

9 Apr


This to me is the best example that I can find of what I would love my video to be like. This video has a good comparison between the holocaust and abortion. The video is organised extremely well, and in such a way that the information supports the main argument of the video in absolute completion. The facts throughout the video are inarguable, even though many people in the video attempt to none truly do it successfully. Every participant int he video had to thoroughly think about their words and views, and every view did as well.


9 Apr

I have used countless things on the internet unethically throughout my life. When I was in high school we were required to do research papers, and as every other student, I especially found it boring and a just wanted to get done with it the quickest and easiest way possible. I would often just copy and paste things from Wikipedia or other resources and redo sentence structure to make it seem like it was my work.  I also often download things that I should because I didn’t pay for it LOL, but what person hasn’t?  The copy right laws in place are suppose to be there to protect the artists, but I believe they could be designed in a better way. Too bad I don’t personally have a better way thought up. The infrastructure and institutions built around copyrights and copy right laws have become centered around the possible financial gain, or prevention of financial loss rather, to actually take the time to distinguish who is actually hurting the success of their product, and who is using it for the betterment of mankind.